Plăcintă cu mere – Traditional Romanian apple pie

Apple pie is definitely a childhood dessert for many of us. It is a dessert that is made with minimal effort and with little money. Apple pie is one of the simplest, aromatic, tasty and cakes you can make at home, without spending too much time in the kitchen or emptying your wallet. Find out the traditional recipe for apple pie here or just ask for “Placintă cu mere” in a local restaurant from Bucharest.

Cozonac – Sweet bread (with Turkish delight and/or cocoa)

Fluffy home-made Cozonaci are made from a recipe that does not fail. Christmas Cozonac or Easter Cozonac with dough that goes in suites (blades) and stuffing cocoa, walnut and Turkish delight. How is cozonac made? You can have a look here or just order one from the closest pastry to George’s Apartment. Every year we make fluffy cozonac (traditional cozonac) for Holidays (Christmas, Easter). Each housewife has a recipe for traditional cozonac, inherited from the family or taken from friends or acquaintances. So do we @George’s Apartment. If you ever visit us during the Christmas time, we will be waiting for you with one. 🙂

Papanaşi prăjiţi, cu dulceaţă şi smântână – Papanași with jam and cream

Fried papanaşi cu jam and cream – traditional Romanian desert (originally from Moldova, more precisely) extremely popular. And no wonder, they sound absolutely delicious and are made easier than I think!

Papanași are fluffy donuts, usually fried, but they are also boiled or baked, which usually have a soft butter over which the appetizing cream and sweetness are poured.

We really recommend to give them a try or if you are brave enough you can find the recipe here.

Ciorbă de burtă ardelenească – No idea how to put it in English

I have enjoyed many versions of this soup and I must admit that each version has something special. From the preparation mode to the final aroma of the dish. I was very curious about the Turkish version and I had the opportunity to serve it in a high-profile restaurant.

Served with hot Turkish bread, lemon juice and aromatic oil with fried spices. Very good and a little different from our version being prepared with milk and yogurt.

Ciorba de burta (“Belly soup”) is very popular and not only in Romania. In fact it is a soup recipe that we borrowed from the Turkish cuisine and then we modified it a bit.

This soup is found in the menu of many countries such as: Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Greece, Bosnia, Croatia, Albania, Poland, Germany and the list can continue.

In Turkey it is called işkembe çorbası and it is prepared with onion, yogurt, garlic and lemon juice.

In Hungary it is called “pacal leves” and unlike the classic belly soup recipe we use, the Hungarians prepare this specialty with carrots, onions, milk and tarragon.

If you want to prepare it by yourself here you have the answers to “how & what”.

Of course there are more to taste from the Romanian cuisine, but as in life, there are more to come… in a future text. As every time, we are here to answer your questions and give you tips & tricks on the perfect city-brake in Bucharest. See you soon.

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